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    doing 1200mg/day of Clindamycin IV once a day for 5 days this week and then 5 days next week for early scleroderma treatment

    Just confirming whether or not its usual for people to pause their 100mg 2x daily minocycline regimens while doing the clindy treatments, or if you can take both at the same time.

    Thank you


    After the ivs –then you commence minocycline


    After the clindy, the burning sensation that usually comes with my skin tightening has increased dramatically. Before when I was just on mino, burning and skin activity was becoming minimal.

    Can’t tell if his means the clindy is working or if it means its ineffective against whatever is triggering my SD because I’m skipping the mino.

    The AP doc’s clindy protocol is a lot different than standard… One big dose of 1200mg a day…not tapered in. Maybe that is just inducing a big herx. I don’t know whether to barrel through this or stop and go back on the mino. I was doing so well and now i feel like it’s all undone and I’m worried I won’t be able to get back on track to improving after this?? I’m so scared and worried I can’t sleep.

    Lynne G.SD

    Hi Pinkmoth;
    When I was doing the clindamycin Ivs the clindy could not control my inflamation so I took both,IV in the morning and 100mg mino at night and that worked for me.You really need 200mg mino a day but that might be too hard on your microbiome unless you can take at least 100billion probiotics as well as fermented foods.The last thing you need is gut problems.Today I only take 100 mg mino every 5 days and doxy 100mg every other day but it took 15 years on full dose to be able to slow down to a maintenance dose.If I get super tired because I am running like an idiot for days on end the stress of that will make my hands start to burn so then I take 200mg mino for a couple days and all is o.k again.AP seems to be a case of try this then try that until you figure out what works for you


    Dr. F. has always had me continue my daily mino while doing my week of clindy IVs.


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    Since minocycline and clindamycin do not conflict, there’s really no good reason to stop the mino, especially since it is helping.


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    Thank you all for your replies.

    The ap doctor prescribes everyone two 5-day week treatments of clindy iv, separated by the weekend off.

    I finished week one and wonder if I should pass on the second week and now just do the mino now and let my gut recover and come back for clindy at a later date as needed.

    My inflammation is not as bad as it was a few weeks ago before starting mino. My symptoms are now mild inflammation and joint pain as well as skin changes and burning sensation.

    Any thoughts?


    I always stayed on mino during IV clindy – in remission. Wishing you well

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