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    Hi I buy 8 bottles at a time of PB8 probiotic -the blue label —since I use 10 a day –bottles of 120 dont go all that far –so I tend to shop carefully online between Vitacost and Puritans Pride —Last week I paid 8.79 a bottle of 120 pb8 blue label –I think thats a great price –the sweetener is free shipping also !!!!


    Good probiotics /Lactobacillus 40bln, Bifidobacterium 4.5bln/ here in Australia cost AUD 36,- for 30 capsules.
    Linda L.

    Rockin Annie

    Hi Richie,

    I also buy PB 8 probiotic from Vitacost, as buying probiotics are so expensive here in Aussie. Vitacost only charge $10 for shipping on all my order, love it……..Annie

    Diagnosed with RA in 2004, after trying many conventional meds I changed to mino.
    2015 changed to doxy 50mgs
    2016 went off doxy, after getting double pneumonia and massive flare put myself on 250 mgs Zith & 50 mgs doxy, which I will increase slowly.
    Supps, magnesium, NAC, vit c, krill oil, oregano oil, thisylin, turmeric, olive leaf extract, vit B, multi vit.


    Hi Annie
    Good move –I have been using PB8 since I started antibiotic -thats 15 years now –I take 200 mg daily of minocin –with the PB8 have never had any fungus issues at all –that to me is a good probiotic –


    Thanks for the FYI Ritchie.

    Merry Christmas!


    I will look into this thanks Richie. I have been getting the pb8 at Fred Meyer when it’s on 2/1 so 2 bottles for 20$ which is also pretty good if you are not into ordering online. Being Canadian though the foreign exchange rate is a killer right now for some reason but still way less than Canadian prices
    thanks–sent you a PM richie

    Systemic Scleroderma since 2010. Lyme and Myco P. AP and many other antibiotics and treatments since Nov. 2011. Presently mostly in remission other than fatigue.
    Teva Minocycline 100mg a day. Dessicated tyroid, LDN 4.5, LDI, hawthorne, curcurmin, berberine,, caprylex, reishi mushroom, liver protect, zinc,, fish oils, magnesium, vit K2, d3, bcomp, E, C


    I have sent you PM
    Linda L.

    Linda L

    I have received a reply from PB8 manufacturer and please see it below. So now I am not sure if it is a good idea to order it. Good probiotics are very expensive here.

    Nutrition Now

    RA tried everything: Methotraxate, Arava, Humira. Pneumonia three times. Anemia. Very low iron. Hypothyroidism
    AP from April 2014 till August 2015. No luck.
    Current medications: Natural thyroid, Mobic, LDN, supplements incl. milk thistle, NAC, vitamins and minerals.
    MTHFR heterozygous


    Thank you for the info on pb8. This is a probiotic I am considering. It’s good to know about the best price point. Thanks, Richie.

    11-20-15: Off Mobic. No NSAIDS.
    10-14-15: Working toward Minocycline 100mg BID. Able to "lock" my knees when standing now!
    9-14-15: 2nd Clindamycin IV series. Still on 5mg Prednisone & 7.5 mg Mobic per day. Swelling greatly reduced in knees.
    8-15-15: Started Minocycline 100mg BID MWF to present.
    5-25-15: Started generic Minocycline, 100mg MWF. Tried titrating to 100mg BID MWF over a month & went back down to 100mg MWF.
    5-18-15: 1st Clindamycin IV series. Dropped Naproxen, added Mobic.

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