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    I bought my son one of those DNA heritage/ancestry kits for his birthday. He’s into history, and we don’t know anything about my paternal grandparents as my dad was adopted. After receiving the kit two months ago, he swabbed his cheek, sent the sample back to the US, and last week we got the results. We were not surprised that he is 76% Irish, already suspected he would be Norwegian and Finnish .But the remaining ancestry estimate was a shock, it was 5% Indian. We also found out from historical records and through the DNA family links, some going back to 1710, an awful lot of our ancestors were registered as dying from “fevers” and then into the early 20th century, “rheumatic fever”. Anyway, I thought it quite interesting.


    Wow! VERY interesting! I have wanted to do this too. Did you do just the ancestry one or the ancestry/health combo? I am interested in both for my whole family. BUT it isn’t cheap!

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    He just did the ancestry test.I thought about getting him the combined health one, but thought that could reveal something we’d rather not know ! The prices are coming down for these tests, as more people do them. Once you get the results you can upload the raw DNA onto a worldwide data base, Gedcom, which links you up to other people /relatives who’ve used different companies.
    I’ve ordered a kit for myself, which should arrive within a few days. My father has no interest in finding his biological family and refuses to take a test, but doesn’t object to me trying to find them. I may have to ply him with alcohol, get him in a headlock and swab him when he’s not looking.
    I was surprised how much information we’ve learnt already about ourselves, but be warned, you get get hooked. I’ve spent hours trawling through names and historical records, and we only got the results back a few days ago.
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