Message from The President of Road Back Foundation on behalf
of Road Back Foundation’s Board of Directors

Hello and welcome to our new website and Community Blog!

It’s been a long time coming! But we are confident this is the beginning of a dynamic new online resource that will serve the needs of rheumatic patients and their advocates in the 21st Century.

Our former website and forum were on an ancient platform and became difficult to maintain and update. So for the last year we have been working on creating a new site that can grow and change with the times.

The sections you see today reflect our initial transition and will be added to over time. It was more important for us to ‘jump’ quickly, rather than wait for more data to be added. Our new format makes it easy to add content. So you will now see the site grow organically over time and stay up-to-date with new trends and information.

I urge you to take the time to have a good look around the site. It contains information and resources that we believe will be invaluable to you should you decide to embark on an antibiotic approach to treatment.

In particular, our very comprehensive FAQ section will answer many of the questions that you may want answered before you decide to embark on an antibiotic approach to treatment and, later, while you are on an Antibiotic Protocol (AP). The FAQs are asked and answered in a simple, accessible style that should meet – if not exceed – your expectations. Is there a physician you want to approach about partnering with you in this treatment plan? The information in FAQs 1 to 19 and in the protocols you’ll find in the Resources section should provide you with a sound basis for talking about the research and principles supporting AP therapy.

Testimonials from patients who have had success with AP are now more accessible in our Stories section. You can search stories by diagnosis to bring up those that most relate to your situation. And each story is now displayed by author’s first name, diagnosis, country of origin and the year in which it was written.

Our Community Forum is now an integral part of the new site, rather than a separate entity. And the great news is that all registered users who have posted on the former site have been successfully transferred over to the new forum. So there is no need to re-register – you are already here! Even better, we have deleted all spam registrations and we are taking measures to ensure that we keep the new forum stable and robust. It’s a new format, so take some time to become acquainted with it. Our Forum Volunteers will help if you need it.

The Resources section contains some initial information on Recommended Books, Studies and Useful Contacts. We will continue to build this section with historical and current research, journal articles and other useful books and information.

Subscribe to the Community Blog if you are interested in brand new studies, research highlights, media coverage, updates on remission stories, other news and interesting snippets. We’ll be adding to it monthly. There is a search box to the right of the most recent post so that you can search by key words for previous posts that may interest you.

Over time, we will be adding sections to the site, including a Physicians’ Area offering information and resources to medical professionals. We believe it is crucial to keep this important treatment option alive and well, so that rheumatic patients globally can reap the benefits. And that means we need to offer a breadth of services to those medical professionals who are already AP literate and to those who express an interest in knowing more.

We hope that you will both enjoy and benefit from the information and resources that our new website offers, and we wish you well on your individual Road Back to greater health and wellbeing.

Cheryl F Ferguson
President, Road Back Foundation